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The Galaxy Zoo Community has become very active in starting off their own projects. Here's the place to find them, contribute to them, and become part of them . . .

Galaxy Zoo Get-Togethers

Every so often, Zooites meet up at a space-related place and have a wonderful day. So far these have taken place in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Italy. Please come along to one, or start one off yourself.

:) Galaxy Zoo Get-Together Index

Galaxy Zoo Science Projects

Some Zooites have started looking at the data themselves and have started a project with the zookeepers. Have you got an idea for one? Let us know.

:) Do It Ourselves Science - The Irregulars Project

Galaxy Zoo Practical Astronomy

Lots of us (though not all!) use our own equipment to study and photograph the night sky.

:) The Galaxy Zoo 2010 Astrophotography 365 Challenge

:) Zooite Cosmic Pictures

:) Our Observations

:) Comet Lulin: observations, thoughts, chat

Galaxy Zoo Talks

Some public talks, or talks to local astronomical societies, have been led by zooites. You may be able to listen to or attend some. Or ask the zookeepers about giving a talk yourself.

:) Galaxy Zoo Lectures

Galaxy Zoo and the International Year of Astronomy

:) 2009 International Year of Astronomy ideas - What can Galaxy Zoo do?

:) Promotions for International Year of Astronomy - a video!

Galaxy Zoo Online Conferences

Occasionally people have got together to chat . . .

:) Skype Zoo: chats, conferences, problems, meet-ups, HELLO!

:) Notes from the Sunday Salon
(The minutes of the meeting that led to the video idea.)
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