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Map of the Galaxy Zoo Library!
« on: September 09, 2009, 02:06:32 am »
Welcome to the Galaxy Zoo Library!

This is our place to share the papers written by the team, the articles written about us by the media, and for us to exchange thoughts on our favourite books and websites on astronomy and everything else.


Galaxy Zoo Papers: Master Index
In reverse date order, an index linking to each individual paper's information thread and discussion thread.

Galaxy Zoo Media Publications: Master List
Voorwerp press, Galaxy Zoo general press, Peas press, German articles.

Making Sense of the Papers

Galaxy Zoo papers and papers that build on our results
Abstracts, link to papers, and links to each paper's blog posts at all stages, in date order.

Suggested Reading List & Resources; Reading List Discussion
Suggested books to read to inform ourselves about physics and astronomy.

Making Science Papers Accessible to the Layman: Who can help?
Can you? Have you a request for particular things about papers to be explained? Come along!
(Questions about individual papers should be made in each individual papers' thread - see the Master Index above.)

Other Books we enjoy!

Book Reviews
Invitation to write a review of any kind of book, documentary, website, etc. - it doesn't have to be on astronomy. Also an index for discussion about various book types - come and talk about your favourites!

Everything Else

Library Newsletter
We'll update this when something new happens in the library.

Library Rules
Quite brief, but please check. Basically, keep to the threads already there.

And if you've had quite enough serious books and rules  . . .
. . . the Paper Aeroplane Thread!
I just thought we might need one. :D

And finally, just to prove that our Universe approves of libraries . . .

587742550139994208 or a flying notebook in space. ;D