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Re: "Odd features" suggestion
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2012, 07:24:49 pm »
Now there is the new Zoo and it is possible to select multiple "Is there anything odd?" options!
As far as I see my feature request is full implemented - in the "is there anything odd" part at the end of the questionaire any number of choices could be activated. Thanks !
I am pleased, that it is now possible, but I wonder, why it took 3 years before realizing it? It should have been possible at least since the previous GZ (Hubble Zoo).

I understand that timing issue - more or less. I definitely think (know ?) that it is poison to the science to change the questionaire while the campaign is already running - you end up with datasets containig an item and datasets without. Or you have to discard all previous results. Bad thing, that is. Both ways.

Furtermore I thing GZ Hubble was too far in the pipeline to incorporate that feature - at least after the discussion over that topic was settled. For myself, I'm fully happy and grateful to have that implemeted at all, and I think it's an improvement for the science in any case. Some things need time.