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This gives a brief explanation of terms used around the Forum, that you may not find in a textbook.  Some are names of particular images, some are names for artifacts.  They are only added here when they have become long term names.

Hanny's Voorwerp
Probably a Quasar light echo.
See for links to descriptions, science, press and everything

Reference 587735661547290798

The Scream
Discussed in many topics, no real explanation yet.
This is how it got the name
see 588017703465058488
Pats Purple Caterpillar
Possibly three very close and similar stars
see 587733432461492454
Discussion started here
Artifacts with strips of colour usually across a star, where the plates have not been aligned properly

How Muffins Got Their Name
This one is 587726102026715344
The Angel
A superposition of a star and a merger.

See 587742062669463585
Peas are bright (almost featureless) galaxies with very prominent O[III] emission lines that dominate all others, most are bright green but depending on the redshift they can be other colours.

There is an active project looking at them The Peas Project
For wider discussion about Peas see Give Peas a Chance
This Pea is 587728669342695728
Ionized Gas Clouds powered by AGNs.

Help hunt for them Here
See also Active galaxies with ionized gas clouds - more denizens of the Zoo

Mitch's Star
A rather extreme DZ White Dwarf star.
See: Mitch's Mystery Star
The Tea Cup AGN
A Voorwerpje...
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