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catalogue catalogue thread
« on: January 20, 2012, 06:59:22 pm »
this thread is a list of catalogues that are in threads in this board. If you have a catalogue you wish to start a thread for, please start it in this board or it may not appear here.

G A L A X Y   Z O O   C O L L E C T I O N S
This thread is a list of catalogue and collection threads in this board.
If you have a catalogue or collection you want to include, please send a message to ctlgprjct or egalaxy

P U B L I S H E D   C A T A L O G U E S
2MASX (Catalogue) Started by RandyC
ABELL(catalogue) Started by AlexandredOr
AGC(catalogue) Started by egalaxy 
Another great Markarian, we need a thread for these Started by helioprogenus
ARK (catalogue) Started by Lightbulb500
ARP Peculiar Galaxy Atlas Started by Rick Nowell
Caldwell (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
(David Dunlap Observatory)DDO (catalogue) Started by AlexandredOr
(European Southern Observatory)ESO (catalogue) Started by AlexandredOr
(Flat Galaxy Catalogue) FGC (Catalogue) Started by elizabeth
(Hickson Compact Groups)HCG (catalogue) Started by Rick Nowell
(Index catalogue)IC (catalogue) Started by AlexandredOr
(Infrared Astronomical Satellite)IRAS (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
(Kisp Ultraviolet Galaxy) KUG (Catalogue) Started by RandyC
(Lynd's Dark Nebulae)LDN (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
(Morphological catalogue of galaxies)MCG (Catalogue) started by RandyC
(Messier objects)M(catalogue) Started by Karma
MAILYAN(catalogue) Started by AlexandredOr
(New General Catalogue)NGC (Catalogue) Started by dylhomme
(Principle galaxy catalogue.) PGC (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
SDSS OPEN CLUSTERS INDEX -- Which one have I found? Started by jules
Sharpless (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
(Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies)UGC (Catalogue) Started by elizabeth
(Virgo Cluster Catalogue)VCC (catalogue) Started by egalaxy
(Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies) VV (catalogue) Started by RandyC
Zwicky galaxies(ZW) Started by milk_n_cookies

O T H E R   C O L L E C T I O N S
Galaxies and other objects sorted in a variety of ways

Best Barred Spirals Started by watchingthesky
Irregular Galaxies Started by loganis
Your best spirals Started by Wosret
Your most gorgeous ellipticals Started by Joette   

Biggest cosmic trainwrecks - Mergers started by zookeeperKevin
The Blazar Continuum New Started by patshot   
Dwarf Galaxies Started by gz
Edge-ons with X-shaped bulges, indicate awesome bars started by Alice
Look-alike Milky Way galaxies Started by AlexandredOr
Possible polar ring thread Started by megalodon99
Ring Galaxy Thread Started by KurtJansson
Ringed and Pseudoringed Galaxies Started by EricFDiaz
Shell Galaxy Thread started by RandyC
Sexy Edge on Spirals and such started by Loganis
 Seyfert 1 galaxy? Started by spaz
Seyfert 2 galaxy? Started by EricFDiaz
Star Formation Rings Started by RandyC
starburst galaxies Started by jlowe

Binaries Started by ickyma
Clusters of Galaxies Started by Bebniarz
Triplets ? Triplets Started by AlexandredOr   
Two Identical Twins! Started by AlexandredOr   

Deep Fields: z > 2.0 Started by hofi
 Even closer? z<0.000 The blueshift galaxy thread Started by egalaxy
Galaxies from the Edge Started by jules
 Most Distant Spirals Started by RandyC
Nearby galaxies z < 0.004 started by watchingthesky
 VERY nearby galaxies: z < 0.001Nearby galaxies z < 0.004 started by LankyYankee
Wanted! Galaxy pairs which overlap but are not merging started by NGC3314

The Asteroid Thread Started by Megalodon99
The best Stars! Started by hofi
Comets Started by gz
Dark nebulae Started by AlexandredOr
Globular Clusters Started by gz
Identification list of all posted nebulae Started by LizPeter
The Nebulae Collection (formed from many threads) Started by Markusfix
Star clusters Started by hofi
Supernovae Thread Started by rmarzi

And there are more indexes:
Stunning Sights Index: find all the best topics here by Alice
RFC: A New Index For Zooites by GStark

This thread does get unlocked to be edited! I am asking that when this thread is unlocked, please please please do not post here unless given permission!
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Re: catalogue catalogue thread
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2012, 12:21:22 am »
special thanks to...
Alice and Edd for unlocking and re-locking this thread;
And JeanTate
     For helping me perfect this thread as best as they could
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Re: catalogue catalogue thread
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2012, 11:31:23 pm »
the catalogue LIST threads collection has started. all by the joint account ctlgprjct:

Messier catalogue LIST
NGC catalogue LIST
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Re: catalogue catalogue thread
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2012, 12:36:19 am »
please remember, if you wish to partake in our project; send a message to egalaxy or LankyYankee, and they will give you the information you need to know.
thank you.
- the Ctlgprjct team