Author Topic: Red square indicates an SDSS spectrum, but no spectrum appears -- any solution?  (Read 924 times)


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No matter where I click in and around the red square in IC 3483  1237658628622123128, I can't find the link to the spectrum. I have the same problem with a very small (but maddeningly large) number of other galaxies. How can I access the spectrum? And if I can't access it, but it does indeed exist, would it make sense to have a thread for such objects, so someone from SDSS could fix them?


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Solution: you could find it in other SDSS releases (DR6/7/8 stripe82...) than DR8 or vice versa
IC 3483 -- neighbor 588017564954329155


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In DR7 there is a spectrum displayed, where the red square is:
In DR8 the spectrum is displayed here:

In DR7 and DR8 there is given z=0.
DR7 specclass is STAR, but DR8 specclass is GALAXY.

Maybe an astronometry error in DR8?
c_cld had informed about an astronometry problem in DR8:

The square seems to be misplaced also in DR7: It should be on the bright object (star or nucleus?).
I guess, that is something like in this OOTD:
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