Author Topic: A thread to talk about Talk  (Read 48233 times)


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Re: A thread to talk about Talk
« Reply #225 on: July 09, 2014, 04:43:20 pm »
Thanks JeanTate, I meant personal messages on Talk though... (I think...) ???
Oops!  :-[
Talk's PMs, hmm ... I think planetaryscience is correct; once you've sent a Talk PM, it's out of your control, even if the recipient hasn't 'opened' it yet.

But I just mean messages. Things I receive...! (Not sent ones I want back or deleted or whatever). ::)
Double Oops!  :-[ :-[

Same answer though; they cannot be deleted (in v2 Talk).

Maybe you could add that to the wish list (since we know at least one of those working on v3 Talk carefully reads this thread)? Aside from 'because it'd be nice', maybe add a reason why you think this would be a good feature ...  ;)

Cheers. Strange though. I've had 250+ pages of messages on here. Why would you NOT give the option? It keeps it tidy, doesn't it. :)

I just heard back from Brooke about deleting received PMs. They're working on making this possible/easier. Most helpfull! :)