Author Topic: How to "read" an ATel  (Read 1453 times)

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How to "read" an ATel
« on: August 03, 2012, 01:53:11 pm »
NAME = the Palomar Transient Factory identification number

RA (J2000) = right ascension (hours:minutes:seconds)....the north - south point on the celestial sphere, comparable to longitude on earth

DEC (J2000) = declination (degrees: minutes: seconds...(+) means above and (-) means below the celestial equator)....the east - west point on the celestial sphere, comparable to latitude on earth
(taken together RA and DEC give an objects exact location in the sky)

Discovery = date of discovery in universal time

Mag= magnitude (brightness) with a red filter at time of discovery

Type = type of SN, I or II, based on its spectrum

Spec. = spectroscopy date

Phase = the time in days (d) before (-) or after (+) maximum brightness for type I supernovae

Redshift = a measure of distance and time, the greater the redshift the farther back in time and the more distant is the SN and host galaxy

Instrument = telescope name that did the spectroscopy

Notes = other official designations for a particular SN