Author Topic: Zooniverse Teacher Ambassadors Workshop  (Read 4909 times)


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Zooniverse Teacher Ambassadors Workshop
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:36:29 pm »
Zooniverse Teacher Ambassadors Workshop - Zooniverse Education Blog by whytewithaway, earlier today.

Quote from: whytewithaway
Join us in advocating for citizen science in the classroom. Citizen science is an emerging tool for teachers – it provides an opportunity for students to participate in real research, analyse real data, at home or in school. The Zooniverse and the Adler Planetarium want to find US Middle or High School teachers who can help bring citizen science on the web, into the classroom. We need your expertise and we want to bring you to Chicago to talk to us!

It's an amazing opportunity - "Travel, hotels and working meals will be paid for and a generous $1000 stipend should cover any additional costs8) - but only for US Middle or High School teachers.  :(