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I posted this suggestion in page 2 of the The unbearable arbitrariness of serendipitous Galaxy Zoo discoveries? thread. So it is surely easily overlooked.

Here it is, in its own thread. Maybe we can get some discussion going on it ...

I think part of the problem is the change of numbers  58............ to the dr8 1..........numbers. It is harder to find out what has gone before.

That's certainly true.  :(

I'm fairly confident, however, that a 'hack' (as I believe it's called) to create a database of the (RA, Dec) coordinates of the centers of all images posted, together with their sizes and an ID of the field and object in the center (and a link to where - which post - they appeared in), could be fairly easily done. In fact, if gumbosea or waveney were still around, I think either of them could create just such a thing (or go a long way towards it). With an appropriate front end, such a database would make the essential job of finding out what's gone before very straight-forward.

In fact, hasn't ttfnrob written about just such 'hackdays' or 'hackathons'? Maybe we could approach him, with a request that a session in the next one be devoted to such a hack?

Separately, I suggested something similar for Talk: "a 'cone search' tool: input an (RA, Dec) and a radius, and you'll get all the images, collections, posts, etc which fall within the circle (some variant of this is standard in many external, online astronomy databases, e.g. NED)."