Author Topic: The No-picture glitch  (Read 997 times)


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The No-picture glitch
« on: April 30, 2014, 02:55:46 am »
It's happened before- I thought it was just me, but since I joined, I used to have a similar version the following image:

The image was the confirmation image of Sedna, which I found to be appropriate for my username. That aside, however, after a couple of weeks of having it, I noticed that my picture had suddenly disappeared. I figured the image just wasn't loading and waited another day, but when I came back the next, it still wasn't there. I went all over my profile looking for the cause, but the only odd thing I could find was that in my 'profile picture' section, the only option was "no picture."

Is this a glitch or a moderator removal- or something I did? I just let it pass until Tsering posted a similar problem. The issue is most certainly a glitch, and I think a thread should be created about it addressing the issue and attempting to solve it.
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