Author Topic: If you can't find your thread . . .  (Read 3095 times)


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If you can't find your thread . . .
« on: August 19, 2007, 11:27:09 am »
Don't worry. It may just have been swamped by new topics and gone down to the next page!

It may also have been merged with another topic. For example, a beautiful spiral may have been put in the "Stunning Sights > Your Best Spirals" thread; or a new discussion in the Cafe may have been merged with a similar one already ongoing.

To try and find your thread, you can:

1) Click on "Profile". This allows you to see your past posts. Scroll down this and you'll probably find it.

2) Use the "Search" box in the top right, next to the magnifying glass, if you can remember a particular word or phrase somebody used. This won't take long. It'll just show you posts where such a word or phrase has been used, highlighted.

3) If it was somebody else's remark that you wanted to follow up, you can click "Members" and, when you find the person, you can click on their profile and follow up their last posts too.

If all the above fail and your thread seems to have disappeared from the forum, this may be because it contained inappropriate words or material - directly or indirectly. We have to keep this site scrupulously clean and suitable for children, and also to bear in mind people's software filters. Even unfortunate mispellings could block access for thousands of people!

If we merge or remove your thread, we will do our best to send you a personal message telling you so. If you don't get one, it probably means fifty thousand other things were happening at the same time and we didn't get the chance - sorry! You can drop us a line - tell us what the message was - and we'll get back to you.