Author Topic: What size would you like your picture?  (Read 4002 times)


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What size would you like your picture?
« on: September 24, 2007, 07:09:38 pm »
Well, a million galaxies photographed . . . we all knew it would happen one day. The pictures are pouring in - but the site is getting slower, Galaxyzooitis victims are suffering, and we're having to beg people not to post duplicate pictures.

I suspect (though I can't be sure) that it's the sheer quantity of bandwidth taken up by pictures that is slowing down the site these days. What's to be done, besides avoid duplicates? Beezlebub has very kindly written some instructions for a solution: making them smaller. OK, some deserve to be big, but some are just as good and clear small. I will be going back over mine if I ever get time (don't hold your breath)!

Over to Beezlebub:


Do a "copy location" as usual, go ahead and paste it but before posting scroll to "width=xxx&height-xxx" and change the xxx to something smaller, on 423 I use 223 for example. This will also work for tall pics and wide pics just adjust the width and height accordingly.

Two ways to link, one to just pick url and paste and the space saving way.

Normal link:

Space saving [Xurl=

Notice on the space saving link the = between the [Xurl="the link" and normal [url] - that is to say, in the real url, there are no spaces.

The X in the [url] above is so the example shows, not the link.

Have fun.


One more thing to bear in mind: it does not shrink the actual picture, but crops the edges. The objects in the picture will appear the same size. If you find a huge galaxy that takes up the whole of the 512 x 512, and then you post it as say a 200 x 200, the picture will only show the centre of that galaxy. A way to get around this is . . . zoom out!

It is actually great fun.
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Pommy Stuart

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Re: What size would you like your picture?
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2012, 08:44:12 pm »
I use the file from (for .JPG files)
READ the instructions on the web page, you can do just about anything with this tool.
Park the tool on the desktop, rename it to suit your requirements and just drag and drop the picture on the icon.
It creates a duplicated in the folder the pic came from.

I have renamed mine resizeK250.exe to post on Oldweather where there is a 256k limit. i also have a ResizeK60 icon to send up to 4 pics.

Hope it is of some use.
This is only my second post here, if this tool has been before, sorry.